Viral Proposal

Josh Schmitz/YouTube

If you were about to give up on Tinder, you might want to reconsider deleting your profile. It turns out, by the grace of Zeus, you CAN find love on the dating app after all. We know, right? If you can stand swiping a few more bozos, you may just land on the one. NBC Chicago reports, it happened to couple Josh Schmitz and Danielle Roesch. Perhaps the best part of this whole Tinder success story is the way Josh proposed to Danielle. Who knew this kind of love even existed on Tinder (or in modern-day life, TBH)?!

We can safely say it might be time for you to up your expectations when it comes to online dating. The duo met on the app back in 2014, and by the next year, Josh knew Danielle was the one. The couple can't see each other much during the day, as Josh leaves way too early in the morning to go to work. To make up for this, Josh and Danielle write cute notes to each other each morning and night. Josh took the note writing to the next level in the video below. 

Josh used his handy white board to write daily messages and mini-proposals to his future wife, ending the year with a sign that says, "Meet me down by the lake! I have a question to ask you." In other words, he's been proposing to his lady every dang day for the past YEAR. Josh hasn't just raised the bar; he threw it into outer space, y'all. How many times have you said "awwwwwwwww" in your head, yet? Our favorite moment is when he proposes to her while spiralizing zucchini noodles in a muscle tee. Your move, every guy on Tinder.

Miranda Lambert gets a surprise wedding proposal! 

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