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Remember when Facebook was just a quiet little site for college kids to connect with their future drinking buddies? The year was 2004, and the site had not yet been taken over by your parents, grandparents and celebrities endorsing detox teas. Also who remembers when it used to be called "The Facebook?" Do you feel a little old yet? You should because FB just rolled out a teen-only app that is very reminiscent of Facebook's early days (except way more hip and modern). For starters, you can only use it if you are 21 and under, TechCrunch notes. It's called Lifestage, and while it doesn't have that familiar blue x white color scheme with a list of schools in the sidebar, it does provide the same private community vibe as Facebook did back in the day.

Lifestage is a "visual profile," according to the app's page on iTunes. Users use videos instead of text to fill out their profile which is shared with others who use the app at your high school. Once your school is unlocked on the app (which, TechCrunch notes, happens when 20 people from your school join), you'll be able to interact. Honestly, this sounds really freakin' fun. Not only can you see the profiles of people from your school, you'll be able to get to know others from nearby schools.

Taking a cue from FB's safety features, blocking creepers is super easy too, in case any weirdos might be lying about their age. Technically speaking, anyone can download the app, but if you're 22 or older, you won't be able to see anyone's profile but your own. In other words, let the kiddos have their fun like we dinosaurs did with Facebook back when Von Dutch hats were cool. 

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