Christina Grimmie's art continues to live on beyond the tragedy that took her life away.

On Thursday, the second of the singer's posthumous music videos was released. The clip, titled "Anybody's You," picks up right where "Snow White," the first video in the four-part series coinciding with her Side A EP, left off. Grimmie plays a fictional character name Jessica Blue in the clips, and in "Anybody's You," she reflects on past romances gone wrong and cheating exes. She also looks optimistically to the future, wondering "if there's someone that makes me happy/ Someone that I already knew/ What if, what if, what if that anybody / Anybody's you?"

In the second clip from the pre-filmed series, Grimmie's character Jessica consults with her grandmother over her ongoing frustrations. "I don't know. I know it's not my boyfriend, and I know that it's not my crap-paying job," she says tearfully. "And it can't be my show case this Friday, because everybody knows I'm just gonna crash and burn with that, too, must be me, then, right?"

"It always us, Jessica," says her grandmother. "Come with me."

The "Anybody's You" clip ends just like that, on a cliffhanger, but story will continue next week when "Deception," the third installment from the series is released. The fourth and final installment of the late singer's music video series, "Without Him," will be released the following week.

Grimmie was just 22 when she was fatally shot two months ago while signing autographs for fans at Orlando's Plaza Live Theater. The former Voice contestant's death was mourned by her family, friends and fans around the world. During a memorial service, her brother Marcus, who was present at the time of the shooting, addressed the crowds who came out to pay their respects. "I don't have anything to say, I don't have words still and it's a good and bad thing," he said. "All I'm going to say is thank God for the mark that she left on this world. Thanks mom and dad I know it's going to be really tough for us to move forward."

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