Celebs as Olympians, Amy Schumer


Who needs an Oscar when you can win a medal?!

No stranger to sports movies, Hollywood knows a thing or two about turning actors into athletic stars. Whether they're scoring home runs on the baseball field or making a touchdown on the football field, certain actors and actresses have become fictional athletes for hit movies, which is why they would probably make for great Olympians, too! Should these stars attempt to switch careers and become full-time athletes instead, we think they'd be great for these Olympic events:

Celebs as Olympians, Lea Michele


It's no secret that Lea Michele has become Soul Cycle's No. 1 fan, which makes her the best candidate for Olympic cycling. Whether she's tapping it back inside the spinning studio or getting into position three on the streets, the Glee alum has made it clear she loves to bike.

Celebs as Olympians, Tom Hanks

Paramount Pictures

"I just kept running." Famous words from Forrest Gump Tom Hanks, which is exactly why he'd take home a gold medal in track and field (or ping pong).

Celebs as Olympians, Amy Schumer


Amy Schumer would most likely opt for beach volleyball, as she once played the sandy sport! In high school the Inside Amy Schumer actress bumped, set and dove for balls all over the court, so she's no stranger to what happens on Copacabana Beach.

Celebs as Olympians, Barack Obama


President Barack Obama, or should we say Olympian Barack Obama? The president loves a good game of pickup basketball, so why not give him the chance to prove himself at the Olympic level? We're sure he'd take home a medal or two.

Celebs as Olympians, Jennifer Lawrence


Having received real-life archery lessons for The Hunger Games franchise, Jennifer Lawrence would easily join the USA's archery team. Katniss Everdeen might be fictional, but J.Law certainly is not.

Celebs as Olympians, Justin Timberlake


Justin Timberlake, musician, actor and Olympian! Even though he's plenty busy with his role as a dad, actor and singer, JT often finds time to hit the golf course, which is why we think he'd be just fine representing USA at 2016 Rio.

Celebs as Olympians, Gigi Hadid


She might be best known as a supermodel now, but Gigi Hadid is also a celebrated horseback rider, which is why we're recruiting her for the equestrian events at the next Olympic games.

Celebs as Olympians, Hugh Jackman


Obviously Hugh Jackman would be our star weightlifter—have you seen his muscles?!

Celebs as Olympians, Susan Sarandon

Michael Buckner/Getty Images for Bing

As owner of Spin ping pong club in New York City, Susan Sarandon knows her way around the table. With such experience under her belt, we're nabbing her for professional table tennis.

Celebs as Olympians, Armie Hammer

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment

Have you ever seen The Social Network? Then you know how much of a natural Armie Hammer is at rowing. We don't need to explain why we're adding him to Team USA's roster.

Celebs as Olympians, Kirsten Dunst

Universal Pictures

Kirsten Dunst played in Wimbledon...literally. OK maybe not literally, but she did play in the tournament in the movie Wimbledon! With that kind of experience, we know she'd be a great fit for the Olympic Games. 

Celebs as Olympians, Chris Pratt

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From lovable-but-dimwitted Andy Dwyer to dinosaur tamer Owen Grady, Chris Pratt has proven he can do it all. Given his foray into baseball in Moneyball, we're having him join the ranks of our baseball team.

Can you picture any other celebrities participating in the Olympic Games? Sound off in the comments!

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