We have some bad news for all you Snapchat-obsessed ladies out there. That infamous puppy dog filter we've all come to know and love? It ain't so hot after all, according to Jason Derulo

The "Want to Want Me" singer is the latest celebrity to "Get Filtered" by E! News, along the way dropping some wisdom to those of us who can't seem to send a selfie without an adorable pair of floppy ears adorning our head. 

"So this is the most hated filter by men," Jason says, adding, "Just know, ladies. This one is done."

Maybe so, but even Derulo looks pretty darn cute sporting his own puppy filter. 

The 26-year-old then proceeds to scroll through the app's subsequent filters, pausing to admire his golden glow with the butterfly filter and newfound alter ego as a toad named "Big Lip." LOL!

Things take a turn for the slightly creepy when Derulo starts face-swapping with a few fellow celebrities that totally transform the performer. He even belts out a little Justin Bieber cover and gives his best Kanye West impersonation (Hint: It's pretty spot on). 

There's even one megastar media mogul Derulo face swaps with who he calls his "future wife." Watch the video above to find out who Jason's been admiring lately, plus more hilarious moments from his time getting filtered! 

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