Usain Bolt, 2016 Summer Olympics Rio

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From smiling Usain Bolt, to Michael Phelps and his #PhelpsFace, the Olympics have blessed us with some top quality memes. We should start by paying tribute to one of the most famous Olympic memes of all time, of course. McKayla Maroney and her 'not impressed' face became a staple after she took home the silver during the 2012 Olympics. Sure she wanted the gold, but giving us a meme that would stand the test of time is just as epic. #NeverForget. 

We're starting this roundup with Usain Bolt, who elevated to memedom recently after he was snapped leaving his fellow sprinters in the dust. Somehow, some way, Bolt was able to smile for the camera, while running his buns off in an Olympic race. The talent!

Speaking of rad photos, the games have also brought fans tons of killer throwback pics as well. It's only a matter of time before the Internet memes some of those too. Most recently, Laurie Hernandez and Simone Biles posted an old school pic of the two of them together as young gymnasts. Biles mentioned in her Instagram caption, "Funny thing is back then we never thought we would be competing at the Olympics." Aww. The two of them weren't the only ones who had met years before. A young Katie Ledecky was literally all of us meeting Phelps to get his autograph. Amazingly, they recently recreated the vintage pic ten years later. Too. Cute. Read on for more Olympic meme goodness. You're welcome. 

1. Phelps face. This takes the gold (ha) for 'best Olympic meme to come out of Rio.' Not sorry for the terrible gold medal joke.

2. Phelps and his cupping marks. This time, the climber who scaled the Trump tower joined Phelps in this meme. Kind of a perfect match. 

3. Can Richard Funk. The question on everybody's mind. Can he?! 

4. The pointless lifeguard. She looks like a Belieber coping with the loss of his Instagram account. 

5. Shaunae Miller's dive. The latest Olympic meme to hit the Internet. Watch out, Usain Bolt! She's coming for you. 

6. Oiled up Tongan flag bearer. The best part of the Opening Ceremony. Let's be real. 

7. The green Olympic pool. Twitter speculated Shrek was the culprit when the diving pool turned a swampy shade of green. Ew. 

8. Boomer Phelps and his headphones. 'Bored Boomer Phelps' actually has his own Twitter, thanks to that face and those ear muffs.

Moar memes, please. 

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