ESC: Diane Kruger, Pencil Skirts

Alberto Reyes/

P.S.E. (Pencil Skirt Envy): It's surprisingly real and it cuts deep.

The hip-hugging, leg-accentuating midi skirt (made popular by Christian Dior in the '50s) has long been a wardrobe staple...just probably not for you. Sure, there have always been many variations of the bottom, but if you grew up in a similar time as we did it's likely you're only used to seeing them on teachers, librarians, lawyers, etc. That's not to say those professionals didn't look great, but there wasn't much wiggle room for creativity and therefore we saw none...until now!

Diane Kruger's leather Moschino biker pencil (yes, pencil) skirt is making a serious case for the garment's fun side. It's time to take a page out of the actress' style textbook and rethink the silhouette altogether. And the lesson doesn't just stop at edgy-looking leather; it reaches to patterns, jersey-like sporty styles and beyond!

Take a look for yourself by clicking here.

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