American Horror Story


American Horror Story season six can't be tamed. The FX series is continuing its onslaught on the Internet with a brand new teaser…and it's probably the strangest teaser yet.

Titled "Blind Date," the teaser below features a young actress getting dragged under water by a monster. It's a clear send up to classic horror flicks. "I have to get back to my sorority," the young woman says.

We know FX and those involved with the show are keeping the theme and title of the season under wraps. At the 2016 TCA Summer Press Tour, FX boss John Landgraf said there would be a variety of AHS teasers released as a misdirection.

"We just thought it would really be fun to keep it a mystery, so we are," Landgraf told press at the 2016 TCA Summer Press Tour. Landgraf said the network worked with Ryan Murphy and Stephanie Gibbons to come up with the plan.

"They went out and made many more trailers than you've actually seen for...different genres and different places," Landgraf teased. "I just love it on an artistic level. One of them is accurate, the others are all misdirects...We just thought that would be a nice change…all I can say is there is a theme, a setting and a place, but were not going to reveal it."

Is this latest teaser the one? Probably not, but it is so random that it does give us pause. Could this be the one? Is American Horror Story taking on Hollywood horror? You'll have to wait until Wednesday, Sept. 14 to find out.

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