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We did it for the 'gram...well, actually, because of the 'gram.

You asked and now you shall receive…a review of the Insta-famous Fit Tea detox program!

You've seen countless celebs—ranging from Ashley Benson to Khloe Kardashian—share their love (or so it seems) for the morning blend on their social media profiles. But does the weight-loss tea that touts immunity-, energy- and metabolism-boosting properties actually work?

I tried the 28 Day Detox and here's my verdict on the celeb-endorsed diet brew.

Day 1: It should be known that I'm a total skeptic when it comes to these things. A detox tea so blatantly advertised by paid celebs on Instagram? C'mon, guys—it's called exercise. So, of course, when I tried my first packet of loose tea, I was expecting to feel nothing. Boy, was I wrong. TMI: Within five minutes, Mother Nature was calling my name. Perhaps it was the garcinia cambogia extract (a popular weight-loss supplement), the high-in-caffeine guarana or the blend of ginger, stevia and honey—but my system was on the move, and I was feelin' it.

Day 3: Like clockwork, at 9:15 a.m., I was headed to the bathroom.

Day 6: The directions on the package instruct to drink one tea packet in the morning with or without breakfast. At first, I couldn't imagine going without my morning meal but after a few days, I didn't really have an appetite at all.

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Day 8: After gloating to co-workers that I may have found the miracle cure to end my mindless eating, I realized that, yes, I didn't crave my morning ham and cheese croissant, and sometimes, I still wouldn't be hungry during lunch—but come dinnertime, I went ham on my plate…probably because I missed my morning ham. I may have overeaten because I was so hungry.

Day 16: After a few weeks, however, Mother Nature called me less consistently. (Was she ghosting me?) It seemed like my body was getting used to whatever diuretics were in the ingredients. At first, my metabolism felt like it was working in fifth gear, but it was now driving on neutral.

Day 18: I'm not going to lie: Some days, I forgot to drink it. It doesn't taste bad; it's more like a very lemony chamomile. The package suggests adding honey if you don't like the taste, but I just simply forgot.

Day 19: And forgot again.

Day 20: And forgot again.

Day 23: The good thing about forgetting for multiple days in a row is that drinking the tea again jump-starts your metabolism. Mother Nature and I were on speaking terms again.

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Day 28: I actually finished the 28 Day Detox maybe in 32 or 33 days. At the end of it, I could still feel a slight boost in metabolism, but by this point, I was back to eating my not-so-healthy breakfast of champions.

Final Thoughts: If you're sensitive to caffeine and certain foods, Fit Tea will probably have an effect on you. It was great for me, because I have a slow metabolism, plus I have a problem saying no to delicious-but-terrible snacks. I do recommend starting with the 14 Day Detox—and seeing how your body reacts from there. Will you get abs like Kat Graham and Kylie Jenner just from drinking this brew? Absolutely not. But you will be more conscientious of what you put in your body.

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