Kaitlin Doubleday

Kaitlin Doubleday

It's been 5 five months since Empire star Kaitlin Doubleday said "yes" to now-fiancé Devin Lucien in Paris. So when's the wedding? Where is it going to be? Will the Empire cast be there?

We want to know!

Well, happily, the bride-to-be was willing to share the details with us.

"We're getting married Mother's Day weekend," the actress exclusively tells E! News. "I'm sorry for all my new moms who are going to be at my wedding instead of celebrating…When you're shooting eight months out of the year and you have four months to make it happen. We don't actually have much of a choice on when it's going to be."

"We were going to get married at one of my best friend's homes in Connecticut, but because my dad is sick I don't want to take the chance he might not be doing well at that time," Kaitlin explained, adding that she has instead found a closer venue in California. "I decided on Big Sur because it's all the beautiful things I get from the East Coast and also far enough away we could make the weekend out of it."

The coastal region of Central California is pretty gorgeous...

"We basically asked every venue that exists in Big Sur how much it would be," the bride-to-be continued, "how many people we could have, and what time it could end… every place that I looked at, you had to be done making music by like 10 pm. And I was like, 'uh no.' I don't care about the dinner so much, even though Devin and I are big foodies…but weddings aren't about food to me. Weddings are about the love between two people, the vows, the speeches, the intimacy you get to see, and then partying and getting drunk. That's what it is."

Preach! And OMG, the logistics...

Kaitlin Doubleday, Empire

Matt Dinerstein/FOX

"I was talking with Terrence Howard's wife, who was saying that it's their son's first birthday weekend, but that she said they'd plan something for the following weekend," Kaitlin dished, "and I thought that was so sweet because of course they don't have to change his first birthday party.

"But she said they wanted to be there for us… so sweet. And it's also Gabourey Sidibe's birthday weekend! Just the other day at our table read was she said like, 'Yes! I just got your save-the-date for my huge birthday party that you and Devin are going to be paying for.' We all laughed."

Empire, Cast

James Dimmock/FOX

And what about the rings? The dress? The bachelorette party?

"I'm having Mars Jewelry design our wedding bands" Kaitlin says, and as far as the dress, well...

"I literally tried on 50 dresses in Chicago with Grace Gealey who met me one of the days and helped me," she says. "It was really nerve-racking because I was trying on $10,000 dresses and I hate them all." Kaitlin spilled that she ended up going with designer Mark Zunino and, "I swear to god that when they say it fits like a glove, it really did…"

And pre-"I do" festivities are definitely in the works, Kaitlin adds. "I want to go to Mexico, I want to be on a beach eating chips and guacamole. That's what I want…my freaking fiancé is doing Europe, he's so fancy. My friends were like, 'Yeah, I'm not paying to go to Europe.'"

Well, not everyone has her own Empire. Congrats again to Kaitlin and Devin!

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