Homecoming Propsal

Ah Homecoming. It's the first dance of the year and the beginning of panic for dateless high-schoolers. But this year, two brave souls from Illinois decided to take their homecoming fate into their own hands and made an epic video to ask their dates to the dance.

Set to iconic '80s hit "I Need A Hero" by Bonnie Tyler, the video is full of awesome turtlenecks, slow-motion jumping and some choice dance moves. They even added a few car crash scenes from classic movies to make the video even classier.

Claire and Emma, the prospective dates, are in for a treat as the five-minute-long video follows the boys around town—there's even some sweet finger-snapping in the school library. Oh and don't worry—the video, posted by George Mugnani, assures us that "The mustaches are real."

Good, we were worried for a second.

No word yet on if the girls have accepted the invitation, but with moves and facial hair like that, how could they turn these Casanovas down?

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