Kim Davis, Pope Francis

Getty Images

Pope Francis broke some hearts today. And not just by leaving us behind so soon after his big visit to the United States.

The Vatican confirmed on Tuesday that his Holiness had a private meeting with Kentucky clerk Kim Davis while they were both in Washington D.C. Davis, as you probably remember, has been refusing to issue marriage license to same-sex couples because it goes against her religious beliefs. She's been in jail, she's had a rally where she walked out to "Eye of the Tiger" and she has been married three times, so the hypocrisy is strong with this one.

Pope Francis has been kind of seen as the "cool pope" for his more modern views on homosexuality, climate change and contraception. And who could forget the time he confirmed that all dogs go to heaven?! Yeah, people could get down with this pope.

Until they found out that he prayed and hugged and got all chummy with the person who is denying a human being's right to marry the person they love. Then they had to rethink this whole "cool pope" thing. 

Twitter is bummed. And when Twitter is bummed, everyone is bummed. There is no emoji sad enough to articulate the mood on social media right now.

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