Guilty Pants-Eating Dogs


Adorable pit bull pups Missy and Laydie are totally excited for their human dad, Etienne Harris, to get home.

That is, of course, until they realize he's onto their crime.

"Did you have a good day? Daddy loves you!" says their owner, who is met with affectionate licking and tail-wagging from his two loyal best friends.

That's when Harris decides to drop the bombshell: he wants to know who is responsible for destroying his sweatpants while he was away.

"But who tore my pants up though?" Harris asks, in a deadpan tone. "Oh, y'all don't want to talk about that?"

Missy and Laydie respond by doing an immediate about-face and leaving the room.

That seems pretty suspicious, pups!

Does Harris finally get an confession of guilt from the cute culprit? Watch the video above, and find out!

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