Sex education has a few new faces!

While we can always appreciate the insane amount of awkwardness that was our middle school teachers informing us about pregnancy, sex and abstinence, there's something slightly more interesting about learning about that type of stuff when Jessica Biel, Whitney Cummings and Joy Bryant are spewing out the information.

In three new hilarious PSAs for Funny or Die and WomanCare Global, the women inform viewers all about condoms, IUDs and birth control pills in a way that we can all appreciate. The three ladies open up about common misconceptions about reproductive health and birth control methods in "If You Don't Tell Them, Then Who Will?"

In the first video the women tackle condoms and their various sizes. Biel and her pals commiserate over men using condoms that are too large.

"The baggy condom is not a good look," Cummings says. 

"They fall off!" Biel notes, before explaining how annoying it is for women to have to find them in the most unfortunate of places—inside their lady parts. "You gotta get in there," Biel adds. "You gotta find it!"

She adds, "It's like cave diving, and it's arms and the head's in there and he's looking and it's nowhere."

The ladies then tackle the mystery of IUDs, a different form of birth control that involves a plastic device being inserted into the body. Biel admits that she used to be on a pill but then transitioned into a hormone-free IUD, which gave her a very heavy monthly visitor.

"It was like shark week," she explains.

Biel, Cummings and Bryant also open up about the pros and cons of birth control pills and the hilarious design of their containers.

"They make it look discreet," Cummings says. "If I'm on birth control I don't want to hide it. I want everyone to know!"

Of course, PSAs about sex had to include some raunchy jokes, which ironically enough came from new mom Biel.

"If I just swallowed all the time I wouldn't have to take a birth control pill in the first place," she jokes.


Watch the PSAs to hear these women make awkward conversations not so embarrassing.

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