With a résumé as expansive as Matt Damon's, it would hard to reduce it to merely eight minutes, but somehow he and James Corden managed to do just that Tuesday night.

The Late Late Show host and Damon sped through his biggest hits in under 10 minutes, recreating some of his most iconic characters along the way. Kicking off with Good Will Hunting, Damon asked, "Hey, do you like apples?"

Corden, who donned a blond wig for this reenactment, said he did, appearing confused.

"Well, I got her number. How do you like dem apples?!" asked Damon, reciting his infamous line.

The late-night talk show host and Oscar winner continued on to School Ties and then landed on the Ocean's franchise—yes, they took on 11, 12 and 13. Obviously the whole cast couldn't be there, so the duo brought out cardboard cutouts of the faces of the other crew members, but somehow George Clooney was missing!

Matt Damon, James Corden


"Well, I'm George Clooney, obviously," Corden clarified.

The two quickly transformed into two red krill in honor of Happy Feet Two, and Corden warmed up his musical pipes with a rendition of Wham's "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go!"

They continued through several of his other films, including Invictus. Morgan Freeman couldn't be at the taping, so production superimposed his face onto Corden's.

The hilarious duo then tackled The Martian. Damon donned his famous spacesuit, but then Corden walked onto the stage dressed as an alien, which made Damon question what the Into the Woods actor was doing.

"Well, I haven't seen the movie yet," Corden explained, adding a not-so-subtle plug. "The Martian doesn't come out until Friday."

"That's right," Damon agreed, adding onto the shameless plug. "The Martian opens in theaters everywhere this weekend."

Damon even reprised his Jason Bourne roles, tackling all of the franchise's movies by screaming "I'm Jason Bourne" and giving Corden his toughest spy moves.

Watch the video above to not only see what other movies these two tackled, but also find out which one Corden admitted to never having seen!

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