When it comes to traffic in Los Angeles, it seems like residents will blame just about anyone—including the Pope.

During a new edition of "Lie Witness News" on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Monday night, faux reporters took to the streets of California to ask everyday people what they thought about Pope Francis' visit to the state. The only catch was—Pope Francis never visited any part of California.

In fact, he had finished up his week-long visit in America to Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, and New York City on Sunday and was no longer even in the country. 

Still, that didn't stop several bystanders from complaining about the pontiff's effect on the city's congestion.

"I would say about two hours worth of traffic," one man alleged it took to drive on the Los Angeles roads because of Francis' visit. He also claimed it cost him around $40 to $50 extra in gas. "Hey Pope Francis, I need my money for my gas and time wasted," the man said into the camera.

Oof, this guy isn't letting the pope get away that easily. 

Pope Francis, Barack Obama

AP Photo/Susan Walsh

Another man who claimed to have watched Francis get off his plane at Los Angeles International Airport expressed some concern over the 78-year-old's health.

"How slow he is," the man replied when asked what struck him the most about the pope's arrival. "I'm worried about him."

While the complaints rolled in, a third man showed some compassion for the leader of the Catholic Church on his inaugural visit to the United States—especially when the subject changed to one of California's most esteemed dining establishments.

"He has the right to do that," the man said when asked what he thought about the Pope cutting the line at In-N-Out Burger. "He doesn't have a lot of time. I think people are cool with that."

We would give almost anything to see Pope Francis in line at In-N-Out Burger. If only it were actually true. 

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