Drive Thru Magic Switch Prank


Would you like fries with your fake out?

Guess what, YouTube generation who was raised on Ashton Kutcher's Punk'd? People have figured out your shenanigans. You're busted. Go home and eat your burgers and fries. You've been found out.

In addition to rants and dance tutorials, YouTubers can't get enough pranks, and they come in waves. Kids breaking milk jugs in supermarket aisles and slipping all over the place, slapping things out of cashiers' hands when they hand you an order... it's all humor if we categorize it as such.

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One of the new prank trends is rolling up to a drive-thru, interacting with a fast food employee, then switching who is in the driver's seat—to baffle the employee at the window when they return.

Spoiler: Employees are smart humans, and they usually know you're messing with them. They just honestly don't care, because they're trying to live their lives and earn a paycheck. They're probably just happy you're the weirdo switch-up trickster and not the slapping ice cream out of their hands trickster.

(We're just assuming everyone driving up to a drive-thru window at this point has a fledgling web video career.)

In MagicofRahat's latest video, he has a pretty quick execution of swapping seats to confuse employees about who is actually driving the car.

Most of the employees ask follow-up questions, because they clearly know something is afoot, and several know exactly what is going on.

"You just switched. I'm on YouTube right now, huh?" Asks one astute employee.

"This is some kind of a prank. We're gonna be on YouTube? Alright, what's your channel?" Asks another.

They literally know exactly what the "prank" is. Who knows how many YouTube channels a day they end up on with this gig?

Sorry web punks out there, you're time may have finally passed. People who watch the world from an Arby's window have officially seen it all. Now we just want to see the footage of what they have to deal with every day. Time to strike back, drive-thru attendants!

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