Get ready for a whole new Daily Show—but also the same Daily Show

Trevor Noah is about to make his debut as the new host of the Comedy Central talk show, and when E! News sat down with him to talk about his big new job, the South African comedian explained exactly what he has to offer as our new leader in this time of political insanity. 

"I'm excited to bring myself to the show," he tells us in the exclusive interview above. "That is something you haven't seen yet. It's just going to be fun, it's going to be light, it's going to be different, and the same, and that's a tough thing." 

Trevor Noah, Emmy Awards 2015

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

While he can't exactly explain why he and Jon Stewart are not the same, he's fairly sure that we, as audience members, will be able to tell the difference. 

"When you meet myself or you meet Jon Stewart, you will not go, is that the same person? Who's Trevor and who's Jon?" Trevor jokes. "You'll know the difference between us, but often trying to explain that difference is very difficult. But I'll just show it to you."

Noah does know one thing for sure: he's not coming off 17 years at the same job, as Jon Stewart was.

"Jon will be the first to tell you, he was tired. He was tired and he was angry a lot of the time. I'm loving this," he tells us. "This is so exciting for me. I'm learning more about people I knew a little bit about, from the Trumps to the Carsons to the Fiorinas to the Huckabees, this is just fantastic for me. The best thing I could have hoped for is to get everybody at the same time. It's a buffet of political exuberance." 

Basically, this is the perfect time for a brand new Daily Show host, and we can't wait to see what he does with that excitement. 

Watch the clip above, then tune into Trevor's Daily Show debut tonight at 11 p.m. on Comedy Central. 

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