Best-worst TV couple of all time? Probably!

Scream Queens' Chanel (Emma Roberts) and Chad (Glen Powell) are so horrifically awful in every way, you just can't help but root for them, right? Whether it's Chad telling Chanel "I love you…I just would love you more if other people loved you, too," or Chanel pouty-crying like a 3-year-old who dropped her ice cream, we just cannot stop cracking up at these two—especially when it comes to some of the upcoming sex scenes. And we are not alone.

Emma and Glen tell us they have a hard time making it through sex scenes themselves—because some of them are just. So. Insane. And insanely funny.

"Glen and I can't," Emma tells me. "Sometimes we have to be like, ‘OK, you really need to stop because we are not going to finish work today.' And we've had to be in some pretty funny situations. They get very creative with some of our sexy-time scenes that we've been like, ‘Is this happening? Alright, it's happening. Alright, cool.' I'm talking on the phone in one of them, which we couldn't keep a straight face. We were like, ‘This is not happening!'"

"We have great writers," Glen says. "I wish I could take credit for any of it. They are so damn talented. Getting to work with Lea [Michele] and Emma, there's at least two takes I know are going to be thrown away right off the bat because we can't get through it. It's always so damn funny. They are so damn good. But we know as soon as we show up, two takes are going to be on the floor because I can't get through it."

Spoiler alert: There are some very funny "sexy-time" scenes, as Emma puts it, coming up on the show for Chad Radwell (Glen), and not all of them will involve Chanel (Emma). Say it with me now: Jeerrrrrrrrrrrk. But also, a hilarious and highly entertaining jerk!

Thankfully, Glen is nothing like his character on the show—so you don't have to feel guilty about loving him. Get to know our #1 current TV couple obsession—Emma and Glen—more in the video clips above and below!

Scream Queens airs tonight on FOX—you do not want to miss it, especially when it comes to Jamie Lee Curtis and Nasim Pedrad bedroom scenes—and during it you will get an amazing first look at the first released scene from American Horror Story: Hotel!

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