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Don't worry, we have a suggestion for the hashtag should these students want to protest the ban: #WeNeedBunsHun. You're welcome!

Brigham Young University – Idaho recently announced that it was banning male students from wearing their hair up in a man bun. You probably think that they're doing it because all the Instagram-ing that happens around these glorious ‘dos are a distraction. Well, you're wrong. According to the university, it's a dress code kind of thing.

"We would consider the ‘man-bun' to be an extreme hairstyle," Tyler Barton, Student Honor Administrator told BYU's student newspaper, Scroll. "It's just something that deviates from the norm."

The man bun is also not consistent with BYU - I's Honor Code, according to Kevin Miyasaki, Student Services & Activities Vice President. The Honor Code says that men's hairstyles should be "clean and neat, avoiding extreme styles of colors and trimmed above the collar leaving the ear uncovered." The Honor Code also has restrictions on facial hair, with mustaches required to "not extend beyond or below the corners of the mouth." And beards? Forget about it. Those are deemed as "not appropriate."

So basically, every hipster in Brooklyn's worst nightmare.

"All employees and students at BYU-Idaho are obligated under the Honor Code to ‘encourage others in their commitment to comply with the Honor Code,'" Miyasaki said.

While recently school dress codes have been scrutinized and contested against, especially when it comes to how females and males are treated different, BYU-I students seem to be on board with this restriction.

"I think there's a difference between being stylish and appropriate," said Marivi Lugo, a junior communications major. "We have an honor code for a reason, and if we don't have people enforcing it, then what's the point of the Honor Code?"

At least the men at BYU - I don't have to worry about going prematurely bald.

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