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Would anybody mind if The Mindy Project worked its way through the cast of Happy Endings as the casting department stocks the show with hilarious guest actors? Because they're already one-third of the way there, thanks to Adam Pally's stint at Shulman & Associates and Eliza Coupe's appearance on the Tuesday, Sept. 29 episode of the series.

"We're doing that! We're working our way through It's Always Sunny and Happy Endings one by one," jokes executive producer Matt Warburton. "I think everybody's okay with that. Yes, absolutely."

The Mindy Project, Eliza Coupe

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Explains creator Mindy Kaling, "We really love Eliza. She plays this really funny party girl publicist who lives down the hallway from Danny and Mindy."

The two women bond when they see the parts of each other's lives that they're missing out on—Mindy with her devoted boyfriend and baby, and Chelsea with her carefree adventures. "They get to have a little adventure and it's a fun dynamic that we'd all like to see come back," Warburton says. "In a world where there's 400 television shows on, it's a little hard to get people, but Eliza is fantastic."

The Mindy Project, Garret Dillahunt

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The following week, on Oct. 6, the show will welcome its new recurring guest stars Garret Dillahunt (as Jody) and Fortune Feimster (as Collette), whom Jeremy (Ed Weeks) brings in to the practice while Mindy is on maternity leave. "Jeremy was a foreign exchange student as a kid in Georgia with Jody and Collette, who are the new doctor and nurse sibling duo," Weeks dishes.

Jody, a proper southern gentleman, will clash with Mindy immediately. "Jody is a person who just wants to see a ladylike woman, and Mindy is the opposite of that," Warburton says. "They meet when she's breastfeeding in public, and his attitude is to cover it up. I believe he gets the whole subway car to chant ‘put them away, put them away.' And she's horrified. She's even more horrified when she realizes she's got to work with this guy."

The Mindy Project, Fortune Feimster

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In real life, though, Kaling and Dillahunt get along incredibly well. "Garret Dillahunt is an actor that I've been wanting to work with forever," she tells E! News. "I think he's so funny, super handsome. I love working with him. It's very fun to have Mindy and him hate each other so much. Garret plays a very dapper, incredibly sexist guy that everyone loves except for her. It's great to have them be adversaries."

The Mindy Project hits Hulu every Tuesday. Catch Coupe on Sept. 29, and Dillahunt and Feimster on Oct. 6.

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