Dad, Hidden Camera, Dance Moves


It may be Monday, but we're here to turn that frown upside down: we just found one of the best dad dance videos ever.

When a mom (by the name of Rujeana) decided to set up a camera in her living room, her idea was to give her two children's grandmother a look at what they're up to while she is away. However, what was caught on camera instead was pretty incredible.

As Katy Perry's "E.T." begins playing in the background, we see the young daughter groovin' around with pom-poms while the baby boy is bouncing happily along in his jumper.

Cue dad's entry.

Coming in from "off stage," he drops the box he was planning to carry into the room to make his dramatic entrance by breaking out into the ultimate dad dance move of all time: the robot. From there we see some ballerina (ish) moves, some divalicious neck extensions, a couple flexing/superman-esq poses and even some cheerleading skills.

Both children can't help themselves from giggling uncontrollably before dad drops the mic, er, pom-pom and makes his big exit.

This man's incredible showcase gives our other favorite dance dad some serious competition.

Remember the guy who was caught getting down to The Vamps concert at Thorpe Park in England in July? You know… blue polo shirt tucked into a pair of dad jeans? He, too, broke out the robot at one point during his public routine. He also attempted to moonwalk.

If you need another laugh, check out his amazing video below.

Which dad do you think has the best dance moves? Sound off in the comments below!

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