Morena Baccarin, Ben McKenzie

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Morena Baccarin and Benjamin McKenzie are way more serious than we thought!

Although the Gotham co-stars are expecting a child together, which definitely puts them on the fast track to serious, we didn't realize that they were so intense that they were already planning on getting married! But according to legal documents obtained by TMZ, that's exactly what's happening.

Baccarin is in the middle of divorce proceedings from estranged husband Austin Chick, but she claims in the documents she became pregnant with McKenzie's child in June—after she was separated from Chick. The director, however, disagrees and says she got pregnant while they were still an item.

"Today, I am in a new committed relationship. I am planning to re-marry. Also, I am 3 1/2 months pregnant," the documents read, per TMZ.

Morena Baccarin, Ben McKenzie

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She describes her relationship with McKenzie as "new," but The O.C. alum and Homeland actress are definitely past that now with a baby on the way.

Unfortunately, Baccarin and Chick's divorce isn't going smoothly, and it's turning out to be quite the nasty battle. The former couple have one child together, 2-year-old son Julius Setta Chick, with whom they share joint custody. Despite the shared agreement, Julius will mostly remain with Baccarin in New York City, according to a judge's ruling last Thursday.

They were married for three and a half years.

Now that E! News has confirmed Baccarin is expecting, we'll be keeping our eyes glued on the inevitable baby bump watch, which has already begun! Baccarin was spotted on the FOX show's set where she could have easily concealed her growing belly underneath a large trench coat, but the dead giveaway was her arm placement! Resting them atop her bump, Baccarin gave herself—and the baby—away.

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