Pope Francis, Mark Wahlberg

Carl Court/Getty Images

Tough crowd.

Mark Wahlberg decided to make a return to comedy at the World Meeting of Families event in Philadelphia Saturday, and he couldn't help but crack a joke about his movie, Ted. Normally, this would've probably been OK, but he was speaking in front of Pope Francis and a couple of other members of the clergy.

Bobby Hill, a 14-year-old opera singer who performed at the event, embraced the 42-year-old "Good Vibrations" after he sang. Wahlberg then turned to the microphone to talk to the crowd, where he explained what went down during his and Hill's embrace.

"That right there was truly the voice of an angel," Wahlberg said. "But then he whispered in my ear that he loved the movie Ted, and I told him that was not appropriate for a boy of his age. Holy Father, please forgive me. I've always hoped that the good Lord has a sense of humor when it comes and pertains to many of the movies that I've made."

The "good Lord" might have a sense of humor, but Pope Francis didn't! As soon the Oscar nominee cracked his joke, it was clear that the religious leader either hasn't seen the movie or didn't find it funny because he sat there expressionless. Fortunately, the 40,000 attendees found the quip amusing and gave the star some laughs.

Andrea Boccelli and Aretha Franklin also performed at the event, which is the world's largest gathering of Catholic families, as well as The Fray. Comedian Jim Gaffigan also sat onstage alongside Pope Francis and Wahlberg.

Pope Francis wrapped up his weeklong trip to the U.S. and Central America Sunday, after visiting New York City, Washington and Philadelphia. His visit included speaking at the White House, leading mass at Madison Square Garden and also addressing the United Nation Friday to call for peace and environmental justice. He also met with a variety of other people, including the young, the poor, the sick and even little kids. One was lucky enough to score a selfie! Now that's #blessed.

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