Well, this is awkward.

In an exclusive clip from Tuesday night's season finale of Total Divas, Daniel Bryan accuses Nikki Bella of flirting with her ex-boyfriend, Dolph Ziggler, and possibly cheating on John Cena!

Nikki, Daniel and Brie Bella run into Nikki's former flame in the same restaurant while out for dinner with their family. In an effort to be polite, Nikki invites Dolph and his group to join their table, but when the exes start laughing and reminiscing, she notices Daniel throwing dirty looks from across the table!

After the goodbyes, Nikki confronts him about his judgmental attitude. "I feel like you were giving me dirty looks, Bryan," she says.

"Why?" he responds. "Because it looks like you're cheating on John?" Whoa!

Watch the clip to see the Bellas' shocked reactions!

Don't miss the Total Divas season finale Sunday at 6PM, only on E!

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