Blood and Oil

ABC/Craig Sjodin

So, is everyone blown away or what?

If you're watching TV correctly, you just witnessed the greatest, most epic, and most confusing new fall show: ABC's Blood & Oil

The show, also known to us as "Nate Archibald's Return to Our Lives," follows Billy (Chace Crawford) and Cody (Rebecca Rittenhouse) Lefever as their dream of opening three laundromats is destroyed by a terrible pick-up truck accident, dooming them to shacking up in a small town and hopping into the oil business in an effort to rebuild their laundromat-sized fortune. 

Don Johnson and Scott Michael Foster are also there, along with India de Beaufort, Amber Valletta, and the promise of a whole lot of blood and oil. 

You may remember that the show has been through quite a few title changes since it was first announced as a show. It was first Boom, and then it was Oil, and now it's Blood & Oil, and who knows? Maybe tomorrow it could be called Blood, Oil, Sex & Booms, or Don Johnson's Really Cool Hat

In any case, we've been promised both blood and oil, and at one point we were even promised booms, so we decided to take on the arduous task of figuring out just how much blood, oil, and booms actually appear in the pilot episode. Here is the rundown: 

00:00-00:15: Oil drills! 

00:26: The word oil is mentioned for the first time.

00:45ish: Boom! Car accident! 

2:40-3:15: Oil drills! 

7:22: Cody has a small amount of blood on her forehead. 

8:43: Chace Crawford's gonna get a job on an oil rig. 

12:50: Lots of mud, rain, and oil drills, but no oil yet.

14:51: 3 things go boom in a row! 

19:50: Somebody says the word "oil."

35:08: Somebody says the word "oil" again.

39:53: Oil tanker siphoning oil

40:50: OIL! 

41:43: Something goes boom! 

41:45-42:10: 3 men begin oil wrestling, and all of this becomes worth it. 

Our verdict: Oil levels are acceptable, but only due to the oil wrestling at the end. We saw a lot of oil rigs, but no actual oil until the last five minutes of the pilot. Boom levels could have been higher, but it's clear that the producers realized they were so lacking in booms that the title had to be changed to no longer include them. 

As for the blood, this pilot was even more lacking in blood than most other pilots, which did not have the word "blood" in their titles. We are disappointed, but hopefully we can look forward to an improvement in blood levels in the future. 

What did you think? Was there enough blood and oil for you? Do you wish the show were still called Boom? Did you enjoy the show regardless of how messy it got? Vote in the poll below!

Blood & Oil: Love It or Hate It?
What did you think of Blood & Oil?
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