Talk about a birthday surprise!

In an exclusive clip from tonight's all-new episode of DASH Dolls, Durrani Popal's boyfriend, Shalom, buys her one of the best birthday gifts ever!

En route to Disneyland to celebrate, Shalom tells Durrani he has to stop at the car dealership to pick up an order for his Lamborghini. But when they arrive, he leads her to a brand-new pink Bentley!

"Do you like your pink car?" he asks her. Uh, of course she does.

"Wait, this for me?" Durrani asks in shock.

Durrani proceeds to squeal in delight and hug her man. Then, she hops in the driver seat to take her fancy new whip for a spin. "It's like Barbie's car!" she exclaims.

Watch the entire adorable video above!

Don't miss an all-new DASH Dolls Sunday at 10PM, only on E!

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