Preach, Kim Kardashian!

In an exclusive clip from Sunday's episode of DASH Dolls, Kim visits the DASH store in the aftermath of Malika Haqq and Khadijah Haqq McCray's naked photo shoot drama and dishes out some sound advice.

After Khadijah tells Kim that her sister won't speak to her, Kim pulls Malika aside to get to the bottom of it. "So what is going on with Khadijah? You guys got into a big fight?" Kim asks her. "[Khadijah said] you were pissed that she wouldn't do it when she agreed to do it."

"Who leaves a photo shoot?" Malika responds. "If you commit to doing a job, it's not just you failing your commitment to me. You've got an entire squad here."

"I get your point of view," Kim tells her. "It's like a safety net to have your sister always there. But I think the one thing you have to be confident in is like you are Malika. You don't need a twin sister. You are who you are." Boom.

Watch the clip to hear Malika's thoughts on her career with her twin sis!

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