Has David Arquette had a crush on Ellen DeGeneres

He admitted to his secret love and more during a round of the classic party game, "Never Have I Ever," while on-set with DeGeneres and Wanda Sykes during The Ellen DeGeneres Show Friday.

For those unfamiliar with the standard sorority game, a group of people sit in a circle while one person makes statements about things they have never done—the juicier, the better. Those in the circle who have done the action in question must raise their hand, stick up a finger, or in this instance, turn their sign.

A constant provider of embarrassing ammunition, the game is often used to reveal your friends' deepest, darkest secrets—or in this case, whether Sykes has ever had sex on a beach. 

"No, not the drink," DeGeneres told Sykes as she lifted an "I Have" sign while making a drinking motion. Arquette proudly admitted to accomplishing the tricky task, adding, "It's dangerous. I'm just saying...chaffing." 

Quickly regretting the remark, he asked DeGeneres if it could be cut out for air. "No, we're not cutting that part," she replied. "It's an educational show."

Well, we sure are learning a lot.

While they may not have been referring to the cocktail in that instance, the talk show host later asked the comic and actor if they had ever been drunk before noon.

"I'm drunk right now," Sykes admitted jokingly. 

As for other risky business, DeGeneres later prompted, "Never have I ever hooked up at a bathroom at a party."

While Arquette had no qualms about his admittance to the act, Sykes assured viewer the only thing she's hooked up in a bathroom stall was her bra. 

Wanda Sykes and David Arquette join Ellen DeGeneres for a game of Never Have I Ever

Michael Rozman/Warner Bros

Still, they both came up guilty when DeGeneres gave the next statement: "Never have I ever forgotten the name of the person I was fooling around with." Both signs immediately turned.

"I'm horrible with names just in general. Don't take it personally," Arquette embarrassingly added. 

Still, the intimate questions were not match for what was to follow. When asked if any of them have had a crush on the people sitting next to them, Arquette immediately said yes to both, while Sykes and DeGeneres slyly turned their signs to the "I Have Not" position. 

Sorry, David. The feelings are so not mutual.  

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