Avery Fishing


This sweet father-daughter duo makes an awesome team!

Avery, decked out in her pink life jacket and ladybug galoshes, hit the water with her dad with her hopes set on catching a fish.

Using her trusty Barbie fishing rod, she managed to hook and reel in a bass that would make even the most experienced of fishers envious!

As she squeals with joy, Avery reels in the huge fish all by herself, with her dad's encouragement and support, as he lets her take the reigns on bringing in her own catch.

"Yes, I got one! Finally!" She giggles, as she takes a look at the 20-inch, 5-pound bass.

Both dad and daughter laugh and exchange a high-five to celebrate her accomplishment.

With skills like these, something tells us Avery's getting a fishing pole upgrade in the near future!

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