No topic was off limits when Pamela Anderson was on Watch What Happens Live Thursday. "I was a big fan of yours and Tommy Lee' sex tape," Andy Cohen said, referring to the private home movie the Baywatch actress made with her then-husband in the mid-'90s. Anderson admitted that she'd "never seen it," which Cohen couldn't believe. "You've never seen it?" the host asked. "It's fantastic."

"Did you make a mint off of that?" he asked.

"I made not one dollar," Anderson said. "It was stolen property."

"I was seven months pregnant with Dylan and I was thinking it was affecting the pregnancy [with] the stress, and I said, 'I'm not going to court anymore. I'm not being deposed anymore by these horny, weird lawyer men. I don't want to talk about my vagina anymore, or public sex—anything," the Raw author, 48, said. "It was stolen property. We never, either of us, made anything from it. It was stolen."

Anderson and Lee were offered "millions of dollars" to distribute it, but they declined. "It was already out at that time," she said. "The damage was done. So, we just said, 'No way. We're not getting involved in that.'" Eventually, she said, "Everyone followed suit with intentional ones. We never did that intentionally."

Cohen followed up with a viewer's question: "Is Tommy Lee still the biggest penis you've ever seen?" Anderson laughed and said no. "I think I have good karma or something. I haven't seen a small penis."

Cohen also asked Anderson if she and David Hasselhoff ever had a "moment" while filming Baywatch, but the actress insisted that there was nothing "romantic" between them at any point. As for her co-star David Chokachi, she admitted, "He was a little bit more flirtatious. He got in trouble from Tommy. They used to have to change the script...One time [Lee] smashed into my trailer with his Testarossa because I kissed David Chokachi. So, we had to pretend David Chokachi was gay."

"And Tommy Lee bought that?" Cohen asked.

"Not for a while," Anderson said. "It didn't last long. He still didn't like it."

"We just pretended so that he didn't get in trouble," she added.

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