Kylie Jenner

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You may want to start taking notes, Vogue.

According to the designers at Houghton, Kylie Jenner is pulling more influence with their customers than any major fashion magazine in the business. And to take it a step further, she may have more influence on shoppers' psyche than, say, major supermodels in the industry (cough, big sis Kendall Jenner).

Allow us to elaborate: Recall back in early August, the now-18-year-old made headlines when she stepped out in a fall-ready buffalo plaid shirtdress à la Houghton (paired with those iconic Stuart Weitzman thigh-high boots, clutch). As said dress—straight from the designer's spring 2015 collection—was no longer available for purchase when Kylie sported it, Houghton immediately decided to put a $450 version of the frock back into production (Note: the original cost $1,475). Within a week of doing so, the refreshed plaid dress had already sold out.

"Every time one of the big Kylie fan sites or Instagram accounts would post the pic of her and tag our brand, we would sell a dress," Houghton designer Katharine Polk told, crediting Kylie's immense social media following for the boost in sales. And what's more, Polk didn't even intend for Kylie to ever wear the piece in the first place.

"I mean, the dress was loaned to Kendall and Kylie took it," she explained. "So you can read between the lines there." 

Let's put it into perspective: Kylie's amassed more than 36.8 million followers on Instagram, 11.5 million followers on Twitter and she's basically the queen of Snapchat. Meaning, yeah, she's probably got a way bigger following than any magazine on the stands, so obviously pairing the star with any fashion brand is a guaranteed gold mine.

"There are no other people who wear a piece of clothing and have the sell-through that [the Kardashians and Jenners] do. People want to look like them more than anyone else and the only way to achieve that other than plastic surgery is to buy what they are wearing," Polk told "I'm super grateful and happy to support them and be a part of what they are doing."

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