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If you thought Miley Cyrus' ad campaign for MAC cosmetics were offensive, it turns out they're not—officially.

After three people complained that her posters were "overtly sexual," the Advertising Standards Authority ruled Wednesday that the MAC Viva Glam ads are just fine and didn't break any industry rules. The watchdog group agreed that the campaign is "sexually suggestive" and "seductive," per The Telegraph, but otherwise they're not offensive.

"They were not overtly sexual and unlikely to cause serious or widespread offence," the ASA ruled.

The group of people who complained also felt that the posters were unsuitable to hang in public places because children might see them, but the ASA disagreed on that front, too, claiming the ad agencies followed the rules perfectly.

"Because the posters were sexually suggestive they were, therefore, inappropriate for general outdoor display and warranted a placement restriction of not appearing within 100 metres of schools," it explained before adding that the companies had met this requirement.

MAC Viva Glam Miley Cyrus II lipstick, MAC

MAC Cosmetics

The posters in question feature Cyrus lying on her back with her legs spread in the air. She is wearing a black-sequined ensemble that completely covers up the...important parts. MAC Cosmetics claimed the images weren't "overtly sexual," as they don't feature any nudity or any hint of sexual activity. The company added that her facial expression also isn't suggestive. A spokesman told the publication that the "Wrecking Ball" singer's expression showed "confidence and possibly defiance."

"The ads did not draw attention to Miley Cyrus' breasts or buttocks in any way and although her crotch was visible in the mirrors' reflections, the ads did not draw attention to that part of her body and could not be perceived as being sexual," the spokesman said.

Who knew Cyrus' knack for pushing boundaries could potentially break rules?!

What did you think of her campaign?

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