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Our long national nightmare is finally over: Shondaland is once more open to the public.

That's right—TGIT is upon us, TV fans, and the night promises to be epic. After all, there's so much that we need answers to! Just how is Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) moving on with her life post-McDreamy on Grey's Anatomy? And what exactly does Scandal look like with a united (in every sense of the world) Olivia (Kerry Washington) and Fitz (Tony Goldwyn)? And just who thinks they're getting away with Rebecca's murder over on How To Get Away With Murder?

Naturally, Shonda Rhimes and her crew have played their cards close to their vest and given us very little spoilers about what lies ahead, so we've put our heads together and come up with a prediction for each of our beloved TGIT characters that we totally think will come true during their first night back on our TV screens. And you know what that means: a drinking game!

So, whether you're a Meredith (tequila), an Olivia (red wine), or an Annalise (vodka), sit back with your spirit of choice and take a sip whenever any of our predictions comes true. (And just be sure you don't drive anywhere afterwards!)

Grey's Anatomy, Grey's Anatomy Season 12


Grey's Anatomy

Meredith: Mentions Christina's name before Derek's

Alex: Lets Jo down because he's worried about Meredith

Bailey: Immediately anticipates the worst in a situation and is proven wrong

Weber: Has a screaming match with Catherine over Bailey becoming Chief

Callie: Runs into Arizona while out on a date

Owen: Tells Amelia hat he wants more than a hook up

Arizona: Has a scene with Sofia, her daughter, remember?

Jackson: Continues to shut April out

April: Tells someone how much being a war doc helped her, even though Jackson won't talk to her

Amelia: Uses her addiction issues as an excuse to push Owen away once again

Jo: Still fixing up that fixer-upper loft

Stephanie: Has a storyline of her own. (Poor Stephanie!)

Maggie: Plays referee between Meredith and Amelia at home

Bonus: Finish you drink every time someone dances it out

Scandal, Scandal Season 5



Olivia: Enjoys her customary meal of red wine and popcorn

Fitz: Reminds us he's the leader of the free world (We know, Fitz! We know.)

Mellie & Cyrus: Team up to take back the White House

Abby: Still sharing her bed with Leo

Quinn: Gives it to old college try and attempts getting the Gladiators back together

Huck: Finds his traumatized family in hiding, once again

Rosen: Is in the episode

Jake: Brings up standing in the sun with Olivia

Lizzie: Working against Fitz behind his back

Bonus: Finish your drink every time someone is wearing white

Viola Davis, How to Get Away With Murder, HTGAWM



Annalise: Someone from her past shows up to reveal a new, shady aspect of her life

Nate: Gets out of jail

Wes: Has another weirdly sexually tense moment with Annalise

Connor: Has sex with someone other than Oliver

Michaela: Her "ghetto" true voice slips out in a heated moment

Asher: Performs a frat-tastic dance move

Laurel: Is revealed to be Rebecca's killer

Bonnie: Tells Asher she doesn't want to sleep with him again, then sleeps with him again

Frank: Confesses that he murdered Lila

Bonus: Finish your drink every time someone says murder

TGIT returns to ABC tonight beginning with Grey's Anatomy at 8 p.m., Scandal at 9 p.m., and How To Get Away With Murder rounds out the night at 10 p.m.

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