You thought your day couldn't get any better after the dog train story, didn't you? You totally thought that the old man taking his rescued dogs out on train rides around town was as cute as your life was going to get today, huh? PSYCH! 

(We're also preparing a petition to bring back the word "psych!" Stay tuned for updates.)

OK, incoherent rambling over; let's talk about this freakishly and ridiculously adorable baby red panda that finally showed its cute lil' face at the Detroit Zoo! We're just warning you that these photos are going to make you want to reach through your screen and smoosh its furry face and then your hands will get all bloody because you punched a computer screen.

Second incoherent rambling over, let's look at these photos of Tofu (cutest name of all time), courtesy of the Detroit Zoo's Facebook page.

Tofu was born on June 22, but her mom (a 10-year-old red panda named Ta-Shi) had yet to bring her out for public viewing. Finally, this past weekend, she made her big, fluffy debut and we just can't stop looking at these photos.

Tofu, Baby Red Panda, Detroit Zoo

Detroit Zoo

"Ta-Shi took her time bringing her adorable baby girl out into public view, but it was worth the wait," said Scott Carter, Detroit Zoological Society (DZS) chief life sciences officer. "We're happy to welcome Tofu to the Detroit Zoo and to contribute to the captive population of this threatened species."

We are also happy to welcome Tofu, but as our cute overlord that will one day rule our population just because she is SO. DAMN. ADORABLE.

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