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Call it Nipplegate 2K15, because people are not happy with Miley Cyrus' performance as the host of this year's VMAs.

Well, make that about 20 people. That's the number of concerned citizens who were so offended with her nippleage and twerking that they decided to lodge official complaints with the Federal Communications Commission. Apparently sending angry tweets or commenting on her Instagram page wasn't enough—these viewers wouldn't stop until the high court of television no-no's heard a piece of their mind. 

The filings are anonymous and the individuals probably thought they were writing in secrecy, but this is 2015 and nothing stays in the shadows for long. Rolling Stone got their hands on each and every formal complaint and they are a treat to say the least. Assuming you aren't one of the viewers who was morally outraged at Cyrus' antics, you're going to get a huge kick out of everyone who took it so seriously. Common themes throughout were a discomfort with waist-up nudity and marijuana jokes, to name a few. 

You can read every single complaint in full detail over at Rolling Stone, but we thought we'd pick out a few of the best (and most egregious) just for fun.

1. "There were multiple words that were not okay, including 'horny.'"

2. "I only watched about 10 minutes, and it just so happened to be right when Miley Cyrus 'accidentally' exposed her breast on-air. This is not expectable."

3. "Miley Cyrus is a VERY TROUBLED CHILD and I can not believe what she was able to get away with on this show. Seems like she is in the news everywhere doing disgusting, perverted and lewd things. I just can't understand why this CHILD gets away with all of this."

4. "MTV used to be decient now there is cuss words."

5. "Please do not televise this garbage. It is not fit for any human being to see."

6. "MTV has aired a clip of Donald Trump and immediately afterward Miley Cyrus appears with both middle fingers up. It is clear they are putting the clips back to back to relay a message."

7. "Miley sings a song 'Yeah I smoke weed, yeah I love peace' as the chorus. She wore an outfit saying 'Do it.'"

Shame on you, Miley.

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