Pope Francis, Barack Obama

AP Photo/Susan Walsh

President Obama might look at cheery and chummy with the Pope here, but inside he is seething. Probably. Assuming that Barack loves his Apple products as much as the average American.

Why are we fuming at Pope Francis, he of revolutionary change in the Catholic Church and many super awesome statements about equal rights? It may seem counterintuitive to feel annoyance towards a man who is so revered by many, but that's what happens when you screw with the iPhone 6S deliveries. In fact, he's going to downright ruin iPhone day for many innocent civilians.

Preorders of the newest device are set to arrive in lucky homes this Friday, September 25, smack dab in the middle of his East Coast tour. It would seem that the Pope's little jaunt across the eastern seaboard isn't exactly helping deliveries. As can be expected, traffic delays are expected pretty much everywhere across his route, from roads to airports. And, yes, that even includes parcel services.

UPS, FedEx and the USPS all sent out warnings this week, informing customers that "service disruptions" are expected and that people "may experience delays." That's all corporate jargon for "Your dream of spending Friday night playing with all the cool new iPhone 6S features is now ruined."

Of course Apple had no idea that the Pope would be causing delays in some of the most populated cities in America when they set the release date, but that is the new reality we have to live with. The 6S is expected to be available for store purchase on Friday if you just can't sit through a UPS disruption, but you'll have to get to an Apple Store first. Let's hope you have a secret tunnel.

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