Milkshake Squirrel


Remember, #PizzaRat? Yeah, us neither!

There's only a certain amount of room in our hearts and attention spans for garbage-loving rodents in New York City, and now, there's a new star in town.

Introducing... Milkshake Squirrel!

Milkshake Squirrel is another city-based wild animal that lives off people garbage, because of how society irresponsibly disposes of its waste, and also because vermin, too, understand that carbs are delicious.

Animals are hungry monsters just like us!


Seriously though, if you throw a tasty treat in a trash bin without finishing it, that means it's up for grabs.

George Costanza did it with an éclair on Seinfeld, and that's reason enough for us to think it's OK.

Waste not, want not, folks.

As for what viral YouTube video out of NYC's subways and Dumpsters we can expect next, who knows! We're going to go ahead and guess we won't see any "adorable" cockroach vids anytime soon.

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