We don't like to laugh at other people's struggles, but this is just so endearing and adorable, we can't help but chuckle (with love, of course).

Little Marty Williamson is an adorable young boy who just celebrated his second birthday (happy birthday, Marty!), and his mom, Ashleigh Williamson made sure to get her son's milestone on camera.

But, aside from the precious memory, what she caught on film is absolutely hilarious. It turns out that while giving Marty a cupcake and candle to celebrate the morning of his special day, Ashleigh and her husband found out that their little boy has a bit of trouble blowing out a candle.

Like, seriously. It's so cute. He keeps trying and trying, but nothing happens. That's when dad comes to the rescue!

After plainly stating, "You're terrible at this," (LOL!), Ashleigh's hubby was quick on his feet and came up with a master plan—he got a straw! With the help of directional air flow, Marty was able to successfully blow out his candle.

And even though he faced a similar struggle again at his birthday party, he was able to pull through (with dad's help, of course).

Watch the adorable clips!

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