Justin Timberlake is up to his late-night antics once again.

The Grammy winner played his own version of musical charades during a skit on Late Night with Seth Meyers. While his budding bromance with Jimmy Fallon is still in full swing, the pop crooner took his talents to Seth Meyers' office to offer his services for a new theme song for the popular late-night show.

"Despite my many accomplishments...the one thing I haven't done—I haven't written a theme song for a late-night talk show and since you are my favorite talk show host...I've written something up for you," Timberlake said, eager to share his masterpiece.

Flattered, Meyers accepts the Runner, Runner star's proposition and Timberlake begins to sing. However, the lyrics quickly take on a different tune—about a different host.

"When you're looking for fun on your TV, just switch it on over to NBC and catch the show that's down and dirty on every night at 11:30 hosted by your number one guy. It's J to the I to the M-M-Y. When it comes to talent, he's got ten gallons. It's Late Night with Seth Meyers."

Jimmy Fallon, Justin Timberlake

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Hmm, something is not right and Meyers is no fool.

Meyers calls Timberlake out on his clear lyrical errors, hypothesizing that Timberlake originally wrote the song for his longtime pal, Jimmy Fallon, but was rejected. Bingo! 

Refusing defeat, Timberlake offers an alternate tune, this time originally written for Stephen Colbert, the new host of CBS' Late Show.

"Get up off your feet and put your hands in the air for the all-new host who is beyond compare. He has a pair of glasses and jet black hair. He was on Comedy Central, but now he's not there. A show so good it's not even fair—it's Late Night with Seth Meyers."

Relentless, Timberlake keeps the options coming, offering up equally catchy tunes originally shopped to James Corden, John Oliver, and a surprisingly vulgar one for Charlie Rose, host of This Week on PBS.

Instead of making a deal, Meyers quickly types up an email to security and Timberlake runs. Guess he'll just have to stick to rap medleys with Fallon from now on.

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