Lea Michele is definitely the queen of scream!

The former Glee star dished on her newest role in the Fox horror comedy Scream Queens, during an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show Tuesday. The series chronicles the lives of a group of college sorority girls while a mystery killer in a red costume runs loose on campus. The show is also jam-packed with credits of A-list names, including Emma Roberts, Jamie Lee Curtis, Ariana Grande, Abigail Breslin and Nick Jonas.

The actress shared her experiences shooting for the new series on location in New Orleans with Ellen DeGeneres, who is also a native of Louisiana. She gushed about the restaurants—which she says are turning her into a Pilates fiend—the welcoming residents, and even the swamp tours, admitting excitedly that she once even got to feed a gator. 

It got even more adventurous in the city when Michele described one shoot where she had to be buried up to her neck in the dead of night in the New Orleans soil for a scene. Series creator Ryan Murphy unfortunately had to help whack spiders off her face while she was stuck without the use of her hands. Eek!

Scream Queens, Lea Michele


Still, the experience was no match for what DeGeneres had in store for the former Broadway star. Michelle told DeGeneres about her dream to watch the horror classic Halloween with co-star Jamie Lee Curtis, who acted in the film back in 1978, while dressed in snuggies and eating candy. Michele sweetly even invited DeGeneres to join them. 

Instead, the talk show host gave Michele an unexpected fright when suddenly a man dressed as Halloweens's iconic killer Michael Meyers popped up from inside the side table in between where they were sitting. The actress understandably shrieked and then finally caught her breath until DeGeneres had producers roll back the tape and relish in the embarrassment as the prank unfolded one more time. Officially spooked, Michele vowed she would never come back on the show again. Hmm, she might be serious about this one!

Looks like we're never spending Halloween night at Ellen's house.

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