When it comes to daughter James, Blake Lively is Ryan Reynolds' biggest competition. 

During an interview with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show MondayReynolds dished on the brand new role in his life—fatherhood. He revealed that James, who was born in December, is fortunately "no longer allergic to sleep" and is even starting to talk! Spoiler alert: her first word wasn't an f-bomb.

"She's saying mama," the Deadpool star admitted with a frown. Still, there's one small catch.

"My wife doesn't realize though that she calls me mama, too," Reynolds said, referring to Lively. The gorgeous couple recently celebrated their third wedding anniversary earlier this month.

"I had to literally sit [James] down and tell her penises don't work that way...she understands," he joked. "She gets it." We'd love to know how that conversation went.

Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds, MET Gala


Fortunately for Reynolds, Fallon wrote the book on this subject—literally.

After sensing the new dad's strife, Fallon, who is also a father to two daughters, offered up a personal gift—a copy of the children's book he wrote called Your Baby's First Word Will Be DADA. Perhaps it came a little too late...

"I'm going to write a book that's called Daddy Loves You Ten Percent More," Reynolds pitched on-air.

That might be a great potential project for Reynolds, who admits he's officially "lost all cool" after becoming a dad.

"I'm like a dad guy now... about a month ago, I was sitting in traffic and I was just jamming 'These Dreams' by Heart. I was killing it in the car," Reynolds recounted. He then turned his head while belting to find a busload of high school students laughing hysterically at him. Awkward

While Reynolds can chuckle at himself on most occasions, he does not joke around when it comes to his daughter. The actor revealed to GQ that a close friend had betrayed him by trying to sell photos of their daughter, whom they have purposefully kept very private since birth. 

"A guy that I'd known for my whole life, one of my closest friends growing up, he had been shopping pictures of my baby around. I kind of got in front of it, which is good. But, it was a slightly dark period. A bad couple of weeks."

Fortunately, baby is safe—and on the brink of babble! 

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