Alyssa Milano, Instagram


Hey parents, is there anything better than seeing your kids love each other?

Alyssa Milano got to experience it first-hand when she shared a candid moment with her two children on Instagram Monday evening.

In a precious snap, the actress displayed a sweet moment as her son Milo bonded with his younger sister Elizabella in the backyard. In fact, it almost looked like the twosome was headed for a sweet hug and kiss. Awww!

"I don't even know how to caption this," Milano wrote while showing off her children's beauty inside and out. The Instagram comes just two weeks after the proud mama celebrated her daughter's first birthday.

"She's the second baby, so we didn't have the big party we had with the first baby," Milano told E! News. "She'll probably be in therapy because of that."

The Mistresses star added, "We got her a little smash cake which was her first real taste of sugar…and then she had the most hysterical sugar high you could possibly imagine. She was just flying high, it was adorable."

As for big brother Milo, let's just say he's the ultimate sibling for the new family member.

"Every hope that you have about having a second one came true with Milo and Elizabella. She worships the ground he walks on, everything that he does she just thinks is amazing and he is so protective of her and sweet with her," she gushed to E! News. "I mean, we'll see what happens when she takes his toys away but right now, they're madly in love with each other."

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