Blake Lively

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Blake Lively is a real life goddess.

The 28-year-old actress was photographed on set of her upcoming Woody Allen film—which she will be starring in alongside Kristen Stewart—and looked ethereal in a plunging, silver gown with a pair of Mary Jane heels and loose, long waves.

The overall look appeared to channel 1940s glam, fitting for the untitled film that's reportedly set in New York's Chinatown during that time period.

Lively also wore several chunky and sparkling rings to accessorize the dress, which featured a daring V-strap in the back that showed off a lot of skin and made us realize that back envy is actually a thing.

Blake Lively

OpaOpa / Splash News

Meanwhile, Stewart has also been photographed in the Manhattan area, donning similar period costumes for the film. On Monday, the 25-year-old was on set in a pink floral dress with a peter pan collar and a bow tied in her short, brown locks.

But even on set Stewart has to add her touch of grunge, throwing on a grey hoodie and a pair of vans as she walked back and forth from filming.

In talking about the secret film—which also co-stars Jesse Eisenberg and Steve Carrell—Stewart couldn't dish too much, but she did say her new role is different than those she's taken in the past.

Kristen Stewart

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"I've never played anyone like this," Stewart explained to The Hollywood Reporter at the Toronto International Film Festival last week. "She's quite buoyant and exemplifies lightness. People usually cast me to be the silent, quiet type."

As for working with Allen, she said he's "exactly what you expect him to be."

"Woody's an interesting guy," she added. "He's gentle, which I didn't necessarily expect because he's quite dom-like and can be sarcastic, but he's so cut-and-dried, too. He minces no words."

Whatever he is, Allen has somehow managed to bring together quite an all-star cast of vastly different personalities…We can't wait to find out how Stewart and Lively work together!

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