The celebrations for Hispanic Heritage Month kicked off last week, and thus there's no better time for Emilio Estefan to release his new music video for "We're All Mexican."

The montage video and tribute song are dedicated to Latino accomplishments around the world, helping to raise awareness and celebrate unity among Hispanic cultures.

"As immigrants, we have a love and appreciation for this country and for the freedom that it represents," Estefan recently explained about the song to Billboard. "We need to lift up our pride and show the world all the great things we're doing. I wrote and produced this song to communicate a message of uniting all immigrants, not dividing them."

The Latino singer also said he wrote the song in response to heightened bigotry and anti-Hispanic sentiment in the media lately, referring to Donald Trump's controversial outbursts against the Latino community during his campaign this summer.

"There's a message being sent out to the world where people are giving opinions that are plain wrong," the 19-time Grammy Award Winner told Billboard. "We need to show the world what we're doing."

In order to do that, Estefan and his wife Gloria Estefan worked together to create the new video, which unites people from all different backgrounds and cultures, including Pitbull, Kathy Griffin, Whoopi Goldberg, Eva Longoria, Carlos Santana, Thalia, Wyclef Jean, Jimmy Kimmel's hilarious sidekick Guillermo and even Chuy from The Chelsea Lately Show.

The description of the star-studded video reads, "The title of the song,'We're all Mexican' is intended as a metaphor symbolizing that we can all become the victims of racism and bigotry at any moment as Mexicans are experiencing in recent times. Mexicans are being vilified in the United States by some of the media and political leaders and in some of the public's sentiment because they comprise 67% of the Latino population and because their native country shares a direct border with the United States and are the majority of the 'Latino' crossing that particular border.

But around the world, different immigrant groups are harassed and made to be scapegoats for the ills of their respective countries of residence. The song,'We're All Mexicans,' celebrates the positive contributions of immigrants in the United States as a balance to the negativity being expressed publicly."

Check out the video above!

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