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Remember when Amy Schumer won an Emmy?

It's okay if you forgot; it kind of got lost in the shuffle from last night's awards show. Partly because she had such a standout evening all-around (red carpet winner!), and partly because of her smoky eye. Actually it's mostly because of the smoky eye.

As we all know by now, the comedian brought laughs to many when she thanked her makeup artist during her Emmys acceptance speech. It was a hilarious moment—one of those perfectly Amy off-the-cuff comments that was both endearing and cheeky.

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And it was a great smoky eye! She looked fab. But apparently so fab that she caused a national moment. There basically isn't a women's mag or Twitter user out there who isn't shouting about Amy Schumer's Smoky Eye from the rooftops. Just think of the how-to guides! Here are a few (of the many) headlines. 

Cosmopolitan: How to Get Amy Schumer's Award-Winning Smoky Eye

Elle: Meet the Makeup Artist Behind Amy Schumer's "Sort of a Smoky Eye" at the Emmys

Vanity Fair: Amy Schumer's Shout-Out to Her Makeup Artist in Her Emmys Acceptance Speech Is One More Reason to Love Her

BuzzFeed: Amy Schumer Thanking Her Smoky Eye at the Emmys Is All of Us

Refinery29: Amy Schumer's Makeup Artist Responds to Her Onstage Shout-Out

And as always, let's not forget that barometer of the people, Twitter. Among the cacophony of the Go Amy tweets there was a resounding pattern: Go Amy, because that smoky eye quip was awesome.

Now not to get all negativo on you, but let's call a spade a spade here. Amy Schumer is amazing, but for many reasons other than this. Her smoky eye joke was, like, the 10th best thing she did at the Emmys. The first being, you know, winning an Emmy for the first time.

We don't want to point fingers, but let's just say that very few of these honorary stories and shout-outs even discussed her win. Or that fabulous monologue with Amy Poehler at the beginning of the show. Amy Schumer is a woman of the people, but she's also a comedy genius who is so much better than most of The People. 

So while we loved her joke about her makeup, we're going to be celebrating the real winning moment of the evening. The time she stroked Ryan Seacrest.

(Just kidding; we're obviously talking about her win).

Amy Schumer, Emmys red carpet


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