Fall TV

FOX, CW, ABC/Eric McCandless, ABC/Kevin Foley

TV fans, our time has come. 

Tonight, fall TV officially kicks off its return, finally putting an end to the nightmare some people call summer. Not only did this summer consist of very little TV, but it also featured non-stop ads for fall TV to the point where we're seeing the fuzzy face of Limitless' Jake McDorman in our dreams. 

There are posters plastered all over Los Angeles' buses, billboards, buildings, bus stops, and probably other things starting with B, but only some of them are have actually grabbed our attention in a good way. Some grabbed us in totally the wrong way, and others we barely noticed as we wandered aimlessly around all summer, just waiting for the return of TGIT or for the premiere of Scream Queens

Join us, will you, in a little trip through some of the best—and worst—ads for fall TV! 

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