Wolf Hall


Wolf Hall has been nominated for 8 Emmy Awards, and Twitter largely has no idea what this show is.

Well, spoiler alert, it's not a Downton Abbey-type show featuring werewolves. (Bummer, we know. That sounds amazing.)

It's a British TV show, which was also broadcast on PBS' Masterpiece Theatre. Damian Lewis is in it. You know that guy! Thomas Brodie-Sangster's in it too. You'll recognize him, we promise.

It's about King Henry VIII. You've heard of him too, right? Perfect.

It's the based on the first book in a trilogy by Hilary Mantel, but as Emmys host Andy Samberg already taught us, we're not too crazy about books...

Anyway, this show nabbed 8 noms, which is nothing to sneeze at.

But until society has a chance to binge-watch and realize what it's been missing out on, this is what Twitter has to say about Wolf Hall...

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