Patti Labelle

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You'd better keep your clothes on if you're on Patti LaBelle's stage! If you don't, she will shut. You. Down.

As seen in a video posted by TMZ, the 71-year-old R&B and soul singer was performing "Lady Marmalade" at her concert at the Hard Rock Casino Vancouver on Friday and invited some fans to come up onstage to dance. One of them, a young man, got a little carried away and started unbuttoning his shirt. LaBelle was not amused.

"Don't you dare, not on my stage!" she said. "No, baby...did I say I was 71 years young, right? I am not Nicki Minaj or that little, uh, Miley."

He then began to arch his back and stick his butt out, which appeared to annoy the singer further.

"Oh no!" she said, pushing him slightly.

"Get off of my G-d-damn stage, bitch!" she yelled, as a security guard escorted the man away. "And stay off! Put him out of the building! Put him out! How dare you!"

LaBelle then addressed the audience.

"I'm sorry I didn't let my security do what he felt he had to do earlier," she said. "I believe in giving second and third and fourth chances because I always say, sometimes we know not what we do. Just so rude, a rude American or whoever he is, whatever he is, don't ever come in my face again. Next!"

She then turned to several other people she invited up onstage.

"You know the devil is busy," she said. "The devil was here about 20 minutes ago. I saw it. I tried to block it."

She also apologized for saying a "bad word."

"I'm so sorry," she said. "I'm a Gemini and things come out of my mouth sometimes that I try to control."

At a 2007 concert in Kansas City, LaBelle had also scolded another fan who got a little too close and talked back to her during her performance of "Lady Marmalade," as seen in a video posted by Gawker.

"You're rude! You're very freakin' rude!" she said, shaking her finger at him. "This is not Lil' Kim, OK? I don't play that. OK? Do you know who I am?"

"You disrespect a black woman like that in front of people like this?" she said. "How dare you! How dare you!"

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