ESC, CoverGirl Look Breakdown Emmys

Oftentimes, the best beauty inspiration comes courtesy of our favorite television characters. You can't channel ‘60s vibes without a good Mad Men-inspired cat-eye or a modern-day music matriarch without fiercely manicured fingers, after all.

But for those without a makeup department on dial, we've figured out a realistic way to channel the drama into something much more wearable. Here's how to get Lead Actress status with a mere three products.

Tatiana Maslany as Sarah Manning
In Orphan Black, Tatiana plays multiple characters—all clones with very different personalities and styles. None, however, are as dynamic as Sarah Manning, the badass Brit on a mission to find the truth of her origins. Like with any archetypical rebellious character, it's all about the intense eye makeup.

Using darker hues, create a smoky under-eye, remembering to diffuse the shadow outward and upward toward the brow bone. Apply black liner to both top and bottom lash lines then smudge it out a bit. To frame the face, use a brow powder, instead of a pencil, to fill in the areas with the sparest hair. You're going for a lived-in, day-old makeup look, so the brows don't need to be so perfect.

ESC, CoverGirl Look Breakdown Emmys

Taraji P. Henson as Cookie Lyon
To embrace Taraji's over-the-top Empire persona, one must be willing to make a statement whenever the occasion rises. She has something to say with colorful lip choices, and she lets it be known that if you cross her, she will cut you (metaphorically, of course) with her talon-like nails. If you want a more subdued version of Cookie's deep-hued digits, find the perfect shape for you here.

Lastly, Cookie's no fool; she knows when to show restraint. Though her beauty choices may be bold, she keeps the eye makeup to a minimum, relying on falsies to brighten up her gaze.

ESC, CoverGirl Look Breakdown Emmys

Elisabeth Moss as Peggy Olson
Peggy has come a long way since her receptionist days in the first season of Mad Men. While her look is still relatively less dramatic than some of the other actors on the show, we can see how she's matured and found her confidence with her beauty evolution. Peggy maintains her pearlescent skin and penchant for statement blush (no contour here!) from when we saw her as a bright-eyed assistant, but as the series wraps, she's making a powerful statement with burnt orange lips, a little bit of liner and eye-enhancing, long lashes.

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